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If you want to know what About Tatt Life Tattoo Studios all you need to do is look around the city of Las Vegas.When it comes to tattoos and the art of tattooing Tatt Life Studios stands out above the rest. In the city of Las Vegas there is no mistaking the impact Tatt Life Studios has made from the World Famous Las Vegas Strip ,to the hotels, to the casinos, to the entertainment you can find the Tatt Life Brand being represented everywhere you look. Wide range of clients from tourist to locals and even a few celebrities its no wonder why Tatt Life Studios has found success in an over saturated market of tattooer in Las Vegas. A clear cut difference and experience from the minute you walk in the front door of the shop you will notice the exceptional decor and attention to detail in every inch of the shop. And that level of influence and creativity flows right off the walls and right into the ink of its exceptionally talent staff of tattoo artists. Make no mistake when it come to tattoos Tatt Life Studios has a corner on the market. Located from every major attraction and entertainment venue in the city of Las Vegas you will have no trouble getting to Tatt Life Studios where ever you should find yourself. Experts in every since of the word the staff will make you feel welcome and ready no matter what your heart can dream of for your next ink master piece. From the shirts on our back, to shoes on our feet to the Blood, Sweat and Ink- we wear our Tattoos like a badge of honor. It represents us, it defines us and we share our souls with the world. From generation X to generation next; it’s the counter culture, which counters culture of everyday life.

Tatt Life… It’s not a brand, it’s a lifestyle.

Tatt Life Studios is located at:

10430 S Decatur Blvd #107
Las Vegas, Nevada 89141
(702) 816-4016
Open 7 Days a Week 12:00pm – 9:00pm
Tatt Life Studios accepts All Payment options in the Shop
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